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     A place where world leaders become authors!       

UNADAP Publishing has been setup to assist senior executives, public & civil servants, politicians and prominent personalities, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge; to convert their thoughts into a published book. With India leading the century into an economic leadership, we are publishing titles in India, into book for print and into e-books.

We assist academicians, researchers and professors to transform their research papers into a published book. We also rewrite their research thesis into a readable book.

UNADAP's team comprises of senior executives, diplomats, political speech writers, academicians and public personalities that work towards putting together your book on turnkey-basis. We have developed a robust method to gather your thoughts through our interviewers, researchers, and editors.

We take your thoughts and transform them into a printed book; because, being an author not only puts you above your peers, it also leaves you a legacy, that your family would cherish for generations.

UNADAP Publishing has been registered with the approval of the Ministry of Human Resources, India.

We keep it simple for you, and we undertake the complexity.

Dr. Dominic Dixon
Dominic Dixon
Dominic Dixon
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